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Conditions for using the website of Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour
If you access this site, use it in any way or download any elements of this site, you recognized being bound by the conditions described herein. All of the clauses of this text represent the conditions by which you or your company are bound with Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour.

Private life and personal information 
Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour fully respects the 'Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector' Act in place in the province of Quebec, Canada. As such, all information provided by the users of Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour will never be transmits to third parties. No other companies, partners, or providers have access to that confidential information.

Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour has security measures that protect you against loss, non-authorized use of your information or that of your clients or illegal use of your account. The servers chosen by Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour have the latest firewall. But, it is understood that no technology is perfect and using the Internet does have a certain level of risk, even if it is quite small. Personal information that is being transmitted true this site can be intercepted and used without any fault by Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour or without your consent. Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour decline any and all responsibilities should such an event occur. The only exception would be if you can demonstrate without a doubt that Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour acted with grave negligence in this matter. 

Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour takes all possible measures to ensure that no shortage or breakdown can prevent you from using this website. The servers that we use offer a 99.5% uptime guaranty, but even with this high level of performance, interruption in service can represent on average 3 hours per months.

Non guaranty on content 
Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour does not provide any guaranty on the content, the procedures, or the services included in this site. Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour does make an effort to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date, but this does not imply that Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour can be held responsible for omission or error of any nature towards you or a third party. As well, Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour does not provide any guaranty that the information or content of this site is not copied or adapted in any way. Nor do we imply that we adhere to any standard of quality or that any part of this website can be adapted or reproduce to serve any purpose, whatever it might be.

Links to other sites 
Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour website does have links to other sites which might be operated by other companies. By accessing these sites, you are leaving the environment of Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour and are subject to the rules and regulations of those other sites. Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour does not endorse, nor does it has any say in the exploitation of those sites. The fact that they are linked here does not convey by us any responsibility or endorsement of any kind toward these sites. Any personal information that you transmit through those other sites is subject to the rules and regulations in effect on these sites. As well, you are responsible to verify that those sites do not contain harmful elements, virus included. 

Copyright and moral laws, in accordance with Canadian laws on this issue, protect the content available on or through this site. The content and copyrights on the content are the property of Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour. You can use this website only for your personal use and for that of your clients as needed in a normal use of a website. Otherwise, any reprint, reproduction or other type of use in all or in parts without the express written consent of Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour is strictly prohibited. 

Trade marks 
The names and logos of the goods and services of Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour are all registered or none register trademarks of Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour. The names and logos for other goods, services or companies mentioned on this web site can be registered trademarks of their respective owners. Any reprint, reproduction or other type of use, in all or in parts, of any aspect of this site without the express written consent of Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour is strictly prohibited.

Limits of responsibility 
Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour as well as any of its collaborators, suppliers or subcontractors, cannot, for any raison and at any time, be held responsible for whatever nuisance, damages or prejudice directly or indirectly cause by the usage of this website or any of the related services except in the case that extreme incompetence by Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour or one of its employee, can be proven. Included in this exemption: an interruption in service, whatever the cause might be, or personal information theft. Those are inherent risk of using the Internet and cannot be assumed by Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour which is committed to put forth reasonable efforts to maintain the service operational and safe keep your personal information. As well, Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour, its employees or representatives, cannot be held responsible if a user cannot access this website for whatever reasons (faulty telephone line, incompatibility of modem, broken cable, wrong configuration, wrong internet navigator, etc...).

You agree to hold Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour and its affiliates clear of any damages, costs, fees (legal fees included), and expenses, associated with the violation of any of the clauses specified herein, either by yourself, or the users of your account, as it pertain to using this website, or the diffusion or transmission of any information or whatever elements of this site, by yourself or any other user of your account. 

On-line communication through this site 
This website cannot be used at any time to promote or sale any goods or services, to lead a marketing or any other type of research, to launch a contest, a multi-level sales or a chain-mail, to Spam or hack, to solicit or perform any other illegal or undesired activities. It is also forbidden to perform any act that can cause tort or loss of access to this site for others. Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour retains the right to cancel or erase information that would be in opposition with the present. This right does not imply that Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour has the obligation to intervene; the use of this right is solely at the discretion of Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour.

Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour reserves the right to modify or delete in all or in part any elements of this agreement granted that sufficient notice is provided to its users.

The user of this website gives up the right to evoke confusion to be exempt from one or all of the clauses herein. If you start using this website, it unconditionally stipulates that you accept this agreement and deem it fare and just. In your opinion, if one of the clauses leads to confusion, it is your obligation to inform us of your concern in writing before using this website. In this message, you will explain what, in your judgment lead to confusion. Osteopathy Physiotherapy Gilmour will than explain further the clause in a reasonable time frame. If this explanation is satisfactory, you can move ahead and start using this website. If not, you can repeat the process.

Various provisions 
The fact that one or more of the clauses could be declared null and invalid by a competent courthouse does not affect the rest of the agreement. This agreement is written under the laws of the province of Quebec, Canada. You hereby accept that, in the case of legal dispute, the laws of the province of Quebec, district of Montreal are applicable. 

This website is administered from the city of Montreal, province of Quebec, Canada.